Friday, July 22, 2011

Party Time!

CFC is having a Linky Party. You should check this one out! I do have a little disclaimer before I begin. I am writing my letter to the host of this Linky Party. If you haven't checked out her site on to find out why she is my blogging idol!

Dear Jodi, 
    You don't know me but I am your official blog stalker. In fact, my addiction started so long ago...that I don't even remember when I first started reading your blogs. To put things in some perspective...I purchased something from you and received it via email. Which these days can be compared to talking on a land line. {I suddenly feel REALLY old.} I write this next line with total confidence that you will know what I mean is meant with complete adoration. I read your blogs and laugh out loud. {Which I haven't done since you know who left Two and a Half Men.}I laugh because I GET IT! I get life with toddlers to Adam Sandler to crayfish to being the "old teacher" on campus. I totally get it!  
   I first came across your store and blog when searching classroom themes. It seemed as every year you read my mind and were just waiting there with ideas to share. So I added your link to my favorites bar and never looked back. I adore your blog for many reasons...too many to share. But I will say this...when I read your blog...I feel as if I am listening to an old I can always count on to make me laugh...share ideas... and remind me that teaching isn't always easy but it is always worth it.
Still stalking...


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