Monday, July 18, 2011

Language Games

Okay. Here it goes. My name is Anais Novak and I am an addict. A blog addict that is. I think my first sign of addiction was when my 13 year old asked me when I was going to the grocery store. I replied, "Just one more blog!" I mean I can stop anytime I want. Right??? I just love the feeling when I open a new blog and see all the freebies calling my name! It's like Christmas morning or the day after they vacuum my classroom! Both of which leave me gitty with joy! One thing I love about blogging is that every idea leads to another. For example, the other day I was blog hopping and came across this adorable idea from Growing Kinders. Now, I have to admit since I have spent so much time feeding my addiction...I wasn't feeling all that crafty. So I picked up a cute bag and called it a day... but you get the idea. You can see my handy work below. Click on the Growing Kinders image to get your own copy of this cute riddle.

My cute bag from Growing Kinders. Click below to get the riddle!

So as I was saying earlier...I love blog hopping because one idea leads to another. My hop to Growing Kinders inspired me to put all of the language games I just adore into a handy little ring set. Click below to get your own free set of 20+ activities!
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