Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lesson Learned: Always run yellow lights

Did you notice my "fancy" new button? I feel like a proud mama! I think I must have added 10 page views just checking it out. If you grab my button you might just be my new BFF.  
I was off to do some classroom shopping today. You know how that goes. You tell your family you will be back in a few. {You are only going for some laundry detergent.} EXCEPT, us teachers NEVER only go for one thing. Then, you come back 3 hours later and realized you didn't even get the laundry detergent. It's okay right...who wanted to do laundry anyways. Today I passed my usual stops (Target and Dollar Tree) and made a dash for Goodwill. I am looking for a comfy [somewhat clean] chair for my classroom. As I entered the store-I caught a glimpse of a big, lovely, soft chair in the corner. It was even celery green... not rainforest green or blue green...celery green. {JACKPOT!} I must have looked like I had won the lottery because no sooner than I smiled... a somewhat irritated customer looked at me and said, "It's sold." {Sold! I knew I should have ran that yellow light!} So I sadly left empty handed and actually returned home in the hour like I promised. But guess laundry detergent.
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