Monday, July 11, 2011

Words of Wisdom

When I first had my daughter people were always giving their insights to how your life would change. I had forgotten about this for the most part until recently when I was reminded of what someone once told me. I was warned {you know... in the tone that parents that know use to tell parents that don't know} that as soon as Hannah was sleep patterns would forever change. So when Hannah was hungry as an infant...I was up. When Hannah couldn't sleep in her new "big girl bed" as a toddler...I was up. And when Hannah had sleepovers like most TWEENS do...I was up. So tonight when I was sleepy eyed but wide awake. {This could only mean that I have met the point of exhaustion because that statement makes complete sense to me.} I began to ponder how did my sleep pattern get so mixed up? I now go to bed around 4 am and wake up around noon. Then, my somewhat neurotic thoughts were interrupted by teenage giggles and music from the room next door. I thought to myself some things never change.
After my trip down memory lane, I kept on working knowing that Hannah and I both would be sleeping in tomorrow. I began a project or two that I can't wait to share. I might even try to upload a picture. Wish me luck! 
Until next time...


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